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What is a dark ride?

What is a dark ride?

When you climb aboard a dark ride, you’re jumping straight into the middle of a story, experiencing scene after scene with all of the senses. Typically indoors, riders board a ride car system that takes them on an incredible journey as the scenery changes and additional theatrical elements add to the excitement, including 3D screens, animatronics and interactive gaming.

What are the advantages of a dark ride? 

Riders are kept on the edge of their seats, along for the adventure as a captivating set unfolds unexpectedly at every turn. Dark rides create lifelong memories, appealing to all ages with comfortable durations and endless theming possibilities and storylines.The concept appeals to the imagination, so you can create your own timeless tale for others to experience in a one-of-a-kind way. 

  • Weatherproof
  • Long term ROI
  • Repeat Ridership
  • Durable and built with top quality materials that last
  • Flexible size and configuration

To bring a new Astrid Lindgren story to the park 

has proven to be a very good decision.

Mikael Ahlerup | GM Astrid Lindgren World

The people who come off the ride are blown

away by what they have experienced.

Dave Roemer | Six Flags St. Louis Park President

This is a destination-quality attraction

that the whole family can enjoy.

Dale Kaetzel | Six Flags Over Georigia Park President

Ghost Hunt has always been a crowd pleaser

and always ranks very high in park surveys.

Tom Wages | International Attraction Services

Justice League is hands down one of the most

exciting and innovative attractions

we have introduced in our 54 year history.

Les Hudson, Vice President of Design for Six Flags