What is an Animatronic?

What is an animatronic?

 Animatronics are technologically fascinating, engaging guests with their life-like appearances and self-powered movements. Soundtrack and voiceover are used to make every animatronic unique. They are also completely customizable to fit any theme. Have rights to a specific brand? There is no better way to let your brand shine and flourish than by doing so with a custom built, state of the art animated character.

Where can you use animatronics?

 It’s the smiling face educating guests at a museum or performing in animated shows; it’s the specialty character greeting guests at the entrance of a park, setting up a story in queue lines, or incorporated into an attraction. World class artists and master mechanics collaborate to meet exact standards and specifications, and to create a personable experience guests will never forget.

  • Custom built from top to bottom
  • Engineered for durability
  • Reliable performance year after year



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